Questions Answered from 2020 Article

Questions Answered from 2020 Article

Yeah, 2020 undergraduates are really unfortunate to experience everything that uni has to offer online. Your question on “How did you manage to finally give trust on those friends to be in your team for your startup?” Is really interesting and really tricky to answer. I can tell you this though, everything that you do for the sake of the company growth, will determine their will and desire to pursue it with you. You don’t expect them to work for you, you work and your team will decide if they’re spending the right time to pursue on the venture together or not. As what Founder Institute said

  • Great companies start with great people not great ideas
  • Anyone can change the world through entrepreneurship
  • Focus is one of a founder’s greatest challenges

One thing that you need to understand that trust is not built overnight. There isn’t a single act of action that I did that made my teammates go “Oh that guy? I trust that guy.” It doesn’t work that way, it’s the continuous growth, the weekly meetings we have, the time we spent together that enables trust on our ecosystem and enables to move forward together as a team. Is the accumulated little things that became trust. Same thing with love, you can’t love something or anybody just by a one time occasion. It doesn’t make sense. The accumulated little things that you spent with your loved ones that made you love them and what made them love you. That’s where trust is being put. To know everyone is doing something for their own greater good, and to know everyone is pursuing the same common goal that is best for everyone working on it. That’s where we realized that as a team, we need each other and there’s no other way around it that trusting ourselves and work together as a team.

There’s no secret sauce, the secret sauce doesn’t exist and never has. Again nothing is a one-time action, it’s the accumulated growth and effort that I put in. Even until this day I still look back at myself and feel there’s many flaws in me. But I can tell you this though, one thing that I feel is severely under looked is the amount of time that we actually take time for ourselves and see the mistakes that we’ve done in the past. Worst is, I don;t think some people is brave enough to make many mistakes and ends up not trying at all. It also often comes unaware for the people that has it because it directly affect their self esteem after the awful realization. What I encourage you to is to take bold steps, don’t believe the people that don’t believe in you, and dream really big.

Life is too short not to imagine the best possible scenario that could happen in your life.

You only live once and for all we know you can die in 10 years due to natural causes that no one is aware of, so why spend it on fear, self doubt, and apathy when you can spend it hope, compassion, and the spirit that you can change the world. Even if you didn’t manage to change the world at least you try and the world will see your effort trying to do so. And you can pass the torch to the future generation to do the same.

This one is very existential and thus very hard to answer. I’ll try my best to answer this question because I’m also very curious of what the impression of my future self that re reads this article on answering this question. I guess I’ll put my defined life purpose is to simply be able to give as much as contribution that I could to mankind. For my inventions to be remembered and passed around from generations to generations. To be remembered by the future generation that I have lived to be a useful man not a burden to many people.

It’s a mentality that I adopt and the one that I will pass to my child in the future. Because truth be told, no ones probably gonna remember that we once existed 300 years in the future. The same thing we probably doesn’t care about 99% of people that lived 300 years ago, but life for the people 300 years ago is everything for them.

You can start by reading a lot of newsletter and basically do google search every day on the topic of your liking. Google probably would give you one billion results on every thing you search anyway right? You just need the right keywords to do so. Try adding “article” every time you search something and read that article.

You just need to calculate the trade off of your activities mentally. Like ask yourself, “okay what do I gain from this activity?” Ask your future self whether they would be disappointed if you were to do some certain activities. Because truth be told, your time is limited, there’s no possible way to do everything, sacrifices need to be made. You need to calculate the activities that you’re doing is really worth doing not only for your present self but for your future self. If you manage to do it often enough, it’ll become a habit to the point it’s weightless to do just that.

I vent a lot on my twitter that overshares my well being and mental state. I sometimes still feel that I’m just another human with explosive emotions and passion. I don’t really set accurate long term goals like in 10 years or in the future something but I do think about the life conditions that I want to achieve in the future every day, so my daily activities resides toward what helps me bring that image in my head to realization.

Love and Appreciation

I’m really happy that you guys enjoyed the content and actually you guys are the reason why I write. I could never really ask for anything more than this great support system that you guys gave to me by replying to my forms. Your words are really touching and made me able to believe at myself more than I have ever able to. In return, I’ll try to give you guys a personal feedback of your comments, It’s the least thing I can do to show that I really appreciate it.

If you guys know my high school friends, I was dead sure about going to medical school. Until the biggest turning point for me is the realization of that I don’t just want to help one person at a time, I want to be able to help many people at one time. I think about it like this, if a doctor were enable to help one patient in 10 minutes, I want to be able to help a hundred patient in 10 minutes. The way that I think about to do that is through scale able technological advancements. That’s why I’m really looking forward into creating devices that can help dozens of people. Although right now I’m studying in the faculty of life sciences and technology my focus still resides on the hope of creating scalable technological advancements that could be useful for many people. But don’t lay low on pursuing your medical school, doctors are still irreplaceable and crucially important for this country as well.

Yeah, the reason why we need a scalable technological advancement is because there is simply not enough doctors to help all the patients that need medical treatment.

So if you can see the graph above, the proportion to fulfill the needs of patient to doctor is fucking 3 times. The reason why this number is most probably will not gets better is because the population increases wildly and the number of doctors are increasing very slowly due to the time it requires to pursue a respected degree to be able to have a license to handle the enormous amount of patient that is already waiting to be treated. So you by saying “I couldn’t lie that we needed technology, AI stuff. Especially for rural areas.” Is really spot on. Also the rate of adoption of these news technological advancements also need to be high, that’s why we need a mediator for doctors and tech providers to be able to solve this problem because both parties need each other and that’s where Brave Healthcare is trying to be.

You can start learning basic programming and machine learning by using Kaggle because most importantly that they are giving the courses for free. Afterwards you can try making your own projects that involved the knowledge that you gain from the courses, it helped your mind to shape and utilize the knowledge you earned after completing the courses.

It’s really wholesome to read that you have found yourself after reading the article. I’m also really thankful that you’ve expressed it, I’ll try to hold on that I believe in, I still got a long road to learn but I’ll always share it on this website. I hope you would still stay around and read my stories, thanks a lot for dropping by and good luck for everything that you pursue! Godspeed!

I’m really happy you thought of the article that way. Yeah I mean, we as the young generations should strive and take more risks in order to be able to further develop this country. Big and risky steps are mandatory to be made. Thank you for your good luck wish and I wish good luck to you too on everything that you’re doing and pursuing. Godspeed!

Ah this is one of the best encouragement because I don’t really know how to write properly, I just type on whatever I have in my mind and I’m really grateful that you said that. It was literally my first journal that I wrote and I love that you said that. Yeah I mean obviously my writing is nothing as near as your favorite fictional novel writer but at least you guys can understand what I’m saying.

I’m glad that it inspires you! You can do it dude, there’s literally nothing that is holding you back. Most of the great things and milestones in this world is already been done, you just need to study on how it was done.

It’s fine. We all came from zero experience. Even babies learn how to walk by making the first step, they just ran immediately after being put on the floor on the first time. I’ll try my best to keep posting content about how to create a startup.

Fuck yeah dude, this is one of best type of comment that I could get, comment from strangers. It’s really touching to see that strangers enjoyed my article, even though you probably never heard of me before. I love you guys that shared my article even to the people that don’t directly knows me

Yeah huge wishes for brave to be a massive multinational corporation. We’ll be trying our best to expand our influence and reach to other Southeast Asian Countries. Also prayers from you guys are greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks you guys for all of the support.

Please guys, don’t ever hesitate to share my website. I’d really love it and grateful if you share it to your friends.

I’m really happy that you enjoyed it. Cheers for the growth and more developed version of ourself for the following years!

Thank you for reading!! Keep sharing the website please!

You’ll see how it works :D soon pretty soon. Pray for us that we’ll be able to get our seed investment soon!!

Yeah, that’s like the point you know like. Um the thing that I hate on most motivational story that they only have a good side of their story. It makes them too perfect to even exist. So in order to deliver a good story I think it’s quite mandatory to tell the rough road and the unfortunate events that also come along the way. It shows that I’m also human and I have my limitations. Everything that I do can be done by someone else if they have the same mentality and characteristics. On intellectual capability, it can be studied along the way, you just need like some extreme grit and perseverance. Mentality and character in the other hand, is something that is way harder to build.

Are you talking about the seminar on design thinking? I forgot what seminar that I attend on October… By the way, congratulations on being accepted to ITB! A fortune not many can have but a fortune that many wish not to have.

It also really fascinates me on how I ended up lucky enough to be able to manage some notable achievements on 2020. Yeah, I guess my name is pretty unique, thanks! But I don’t really remember on what seminar that I give a talk about. But it doesn’t matter I will still answer any questions that you have. Godspeed to you bro.