brave healthcare

brings IoT-enabled healthcare to Indonesia

Skill & Tools I Used

Starting Arc

  • Started in January 2020, Initial idea is to find a concrete algorithmic expression to detect depression based on cardiac electrograph data.
  • Base theory: patients with depression order is founded to have ekg abnormalities, included QT prolongation, T-wave inversion, and ST-segment depression.
  • Base Solution:
    • ekg data can be translated into a one-dimensional list, in which the value of the ekg elevation and depression of it's pattern can be suited based on their y-values. Using this we can find the pattern of PQRST waves of an ekg.
    • We train a Convolutional neural network (CNN) can be trained to classify patterns in the ekg data. The model can be most optimized by using a labeled dataset of ekg data.
  • Challenges
    • Proper labelled ekg dataset is scarce, however we manage to find and built a model using MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database.
    • I consulted with my cardiologist, firstt most hospitals doesn't keep digital ekg data and second, it is not easy to get paper ekg data from hospitals.
    • We pushed through and tested on ekg hospital device, we find that factors that might influence the data from the ekg recorder itself, such as baseline wander, noise, and interference.

Product-Market Fit Arc

  • I soon realize that we need to build our own ekg device to get the data we need. I started to build a prototype using Arduino, AD8232, ESP32, and a 3-axis accelerometer.
  • I figure I have a good enough prototype and submit my startup (at this time I'm a single founder) to The Greater Hub Startup Incubator that is based on ITB.
  • I got in to the startup incubator and started building a team for Brave Healthcare, I broadcasted my startup is open recruitments and pitched my idea to interested applicants, started builing a team that includes: Mobile App Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Electronics Engineer.
  • Pivoting: As we develop our product I also kept scouting for more advisor in terms of general startup advisor, cardiologist, and physiactrist. I was informed that Indonesia are actualy really in need of standard ekg recording device and if the data can be connected through IoT like how we are developing, will be proven to be really helpful for a lot of cardiologists.

Growth Arc

  • I made the decision to focus on integrating IoT-enabled devices to Indonesia healthcare ecosystem, revolutionazing Indonesia's standard EKG record or holter monitoring technology.
  • We also quickly realize that we need a significant amount of capital to build our startup and general growth so I started signing brave to several competitions.
    • By partaking in competitions I forced myself to learn outside my comfort zone, covering topics such as startup valuation, financial forecast, business model innovation, value proposition canvas, customer profile, and much more.
    • I also started to learn about marketing and go to market strategy, I started to learn about how to build a brand, how to build a website, how to build a pitch deck, how to build a business plan, and how to build a marketing strategy.
    • Brave's Business Proposal 2020: Business Proposal that encapsulates Brave's products, value proposition, market analysis, marketing strategy, operation strategy, business risks, production infrastructure, management, intellectual property, and company structure.

Brave's Technology Architecture Display

  • BraveEKG is composed of a system that encapsulates hardware devices, mobile application, cloud architecture, web application, and machine learning.
  • Patients will only need to wear the wearable strap, connect to our mobile application via bluetooth. Our mobile application will upload the data to our cloud infrastructure that is connected to their cardiologist. The cardiologist could check their patients data via web application in real time.
  • Below is the beta prototype of our device. Apart from the finance, I supported the development of the android device and firmware development.
  • We also partnered with Borsam Biotech, Shenzen as a potential alternative to escalate our revenue growth, we rebranded ourself as a IoT-integrated devices hub for Indonesia's healthcare ecosystem. Below is a gif showcasing a patient with Premature Ventricular Tachycardia succesfully recordied on our mobile device EKG display.
    • Devices communicated using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), designed for low-power consumption while transmitting EKG data to mobile phone.
    • I assisted by programmed the mobile application using Kotlin for the UI design, user auth, and functionality to store patient data using PostgreSQL
    • The device can also be used for 24 hour constant monitoring as shown in the video below. We will use the data recorded to our developed ML algorithm.
    • Below is screenshot of the mobile application, to see it works in a video is on our youtube channel
  • We also developed a web application for cardiologists to monitor their patients in real time. The web application is built using ReactJS as UI and Flask as backend to handle requests, processing data, and interacting with our database.

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