ic-finance (income cost finance)

data anlaytics app to optimize nutrition intake and spending behavior

Starting Arc

  • I struggled to get fit while also maintaining my finances to find the optimial nutrition that I needed. (i.e how much do I save if i eat this chicken instead of fish, what is the trade off the cost, etc).
  • I want to cut some of unhealthy spending like alcohol and ciggaretes, a dashboard visualization alongside with hypothetical forecast (i.e if you spend 10% less on ciggaretes per month it will look like this the next 2 years) for extra encouragement to change my behavior

Feature Developed

  • I started from making an algorithm that translates bank account mutation history screenshot into JSON so that it could be loaded on the flutter app. The script was developed using python
    • I used this because a lot of bank APIs are only open to partnership and probably won't partner with me as a newly found startup. But after conduncting market research this is ultra important.
  • Scraped an open source food database that has complete macro and micro nutrition information, it was then cleaned manually on a csv and then exported to JSON to be rendered on the app. I'm still struggling on how to progressively push the data into the MongoDB because of it's gigantic size.
  • I experimented with react native and then flutter and found out that flutter gives me more freedom on the design, so I sticked with it. Below is a display showing when user search for specific food from the database in which they could add it.
  • Below is a user profile after user logged in. I imagin it so that friends could share tips on their own idea how to reduce X% of cost because each people have their own unique lifestyle. They will also be able to share "Cards" that is presented as growth and be proud of themselves on how much they achieve (Saves X% of money, reduces X% of cost for alcohol/ciggarete MoM.)
  • Create your account page.
  • Verification email page screen.


  • This is still a very young startup so I haven't submitted this into any competition and thus haven't received any professional feedback and criticism from VCs or alike.
  • I mainly do this as a side hustle because I think it's fun.